Fumes Extraction and Filtration

Effective Fumes Extraction From Sideros Engineering

Sideros Engineering specializes in providing effective solutions for removing fumes and particles from workplaces. Our Fumes Extraction and Filtration page showcases a range of products, including ECOLINE fumes and dust collectors, centralized extraction systems for welding plants and machine tools, and wet dust collectors. Each system is designed to improve air quality, protect workers' health, and promote a safer working environment. With our customized solutions, energy efficiency, and easy maintenance, our products are suitable for various industries and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Trust Sideros Engineering to provide effective and reliable fumes extraction and filtration solutions for your workplace.
Laser cutting
Bystronic ByStar Fiber

Dust Collectors

ECOLINE is a series of fumes and dust collectors designed for use in welding, cutting, and deburring processes.
The system is specifically designed to extract and filter fumes and particles generated during these processes, helping to improve air quality and promote a safer working environment.
The system is available in a range of sizes and configurations, making it ideal for use in small and large workshops alike.
Bystronic BySmart Fiber

Calcium Carbonate Gravimeter Dispenser

No maintenance costs
Applicable to any type of dust collector
Rapidity of installation
Bystronic BySmart Fiber

Ambient Dust Collectors

Healthier workplace
Higher workers productivity
Reduced heating costs due to the air circulation inside the working whop
Bystronic BySmart Fiber

Wet Dust Collectors

Removes fine dust particles
Easy to maintain
Promotes clean air quality
Bystronic BySmart Fiber

Centralized Extraction Systems for Welding Plants and Machine Tools

Extracts fumes and dust
Customizable to specific needs
Suitable for various industries
Bystronic BySmart Fiber

Downdraft Benches and Booths

Reduced pollution of the workplace as well as of the whole department
No maintenance nor additional costs for spare parts
Flexibility of use: side walls are movable, hence the possibility of placing workpieces with dimensions larger than those of the bench

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