Deburring / Finishing

Discover High-Quality COSTA and Sideros Deburring Systems at On Point Solutions

At On Point Solutions, we offer a range of automated deburring solutions to meet your needs, including the high-quality COSTA machines. These machines provide efficient, precise, and productive deburring, ensuring that fabricated parts have the necessary surface finish. Additionally, we offer replacement abrasive brushes and spare parts to keep your deburring machines running smoothly. Sideros Engineering also provides an excellent range of deburring tumblers, such as the ROTOCLEAN EVO and ROTOCLEAN Mini, which offer low-cost removal of slag, burrs, calamine, and rust from oxy fuel, plasma, and laser-cut parts. These machines are compact, safe, and efficient, with safety enclosures to prevent hazardous contact. The ROTOCLEAN Mini is designed for smaller load capacities, while the ROTOCLEAN EVO offers superior finishing quality for laser and plasma-cut pieces. Regardless of your deburring needs, On Point Solutions and Sideros Engineering have the perfect solutions to help you get the job done right.
Costa MD-WD Series

Costa MD-WD Series

The MD series deburring and finishing machine family is Costa's solution for wet or dry process grinding, slag and burr removal, oxide removal, edge rounding, graining, and polishing.
Coast MD5-MD4 Series

Coast MD5-MD4 Series

The MD5-MD4 series is Costa's all in one solution for slag removal, deburring, oxide and edge treatment, and graining.
Coast MD5-MD4 Series

Rotoclean OXY

Higher productivity
Lower operating costs
No maintenance needed
Coast MD5-MD4 Series

Rotoclean EVO

Removes slag, burr, calamine, and rust
Replaces manual grinding operations
Suitable for Laser and Plasma cut pieces
Coast MD5-MD4 Series

Rotoclean Mini

Suitable for cleaning small parts
Prevents accidental contact between operator and machine
Provides a high degree of finishing for the cleaned parts

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