Laser Cutting Accessories

Maximize Your Laser Cutting Accessories
With SlatPro

The SlatPro line of laser table accessories includes the SlatHog slat cleaner, Rhino Hammer, and Copper Slats. The SlatHog is designed to clean the slats of your laser table, improving the cutting quality and extending the life of the slats. The Rhino Hammer is a versatile tool for adjusting the slats on your laser table, allowing for precise cutting. The Copper Slats are a premium option for laser cutting tables, offering superior conductivity and heat dissipation for enhanced cutting performance.
SlatPro™ Slat Hog Slat Cleaner

SlatPro™ Slag Hog Slat Cleaner

A must have tool for Co2 and Fiber Lasers operating with traditional slat style cutting beds
SlatPro™ Rhino Hammer

SlatPro™ Rhino Hammer

Remove tabbed parts with ease, and leave the finished parts in solid condition
SlatPro™ Copper Slats

SlatPro™ Copper Slats

Lasting six to eight times longer than steel slats, copper slats are an ideal choice for improving productivity

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