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We are proud to introduce our marketing agency, Steel Mountain Marketing, your essential guide for establishing a comprehensive marketing strategy to grow your company. We exclusively serve the manufacturing industry because we know you to our core. Our leadership team brings lots of experience working with manufacturers, fabricators and equipment dealers. We understand you invest a lot in your company, and it can feel like a strenuous, uphill climb. Our marketing expertise is the support you need for your business to rise to its potential.
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Strategic Guidance

We bring our clients a marketing strategy that most have not experienced before. Get a strategic guide to provide insight and advice as we aim for the summit. We provide and use key data and results to guide your company’s marketing decisions. As part of your climbing team, we want you to succeed as much as you do.

Straightforward Pricing

Our strategy when it comes to pricing? Transparency. Our packages are easy to understand, with no hidden costs. You know exactly what you’re paying for and why it matters to your business.
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Manufacturing Expertise

We are very comfortable navigating the manufacturing terrain. Our leadership team is rooted in the industry with decades of experience serving manufacturers like you. We bring a unique knowledge of manufacturing best practices and principles to our marketing campaigns that produce results.

Join Our Expedition

You won’t reach the summit without a route plan and the right equipment. Just like a mountaineering trip requires forethought, a strong marketing strategy starts with a plan. We gather the tools you need, develop a smart marketing strategy and make any final preparations before successfully executing your plan to reach the top.
Metal Fabrication

Manufacturing Specialists

Since 2009 On Point Solutions has been committed to impacting manufacturing through the sale of best of class metal fabrication equipment.  We have strengthened that commitment through our OpEx Service Division.  Operational Excellence is achieved with not only acquiring the right equipment, but through consistent and predictable Operational Equipment Efficiency (OEE).  We strategically employ local OpEx Engineers through the Central United States to proactively maintain your critical fabricating assets.

Do you have questions about our machines? We are happy to help you with the next step.