Slat Cleaner

The Slag Hog is a must have tool for Co2 and Fiber Lasers operating with traditional slat style cutting beds
Slat Cleaner

Slag Hog Slat Cleaner

Quickly and easily remove tough slag and dross buildup from your laser support surface. The Slaghog® works on Copper as well as Steel support slats and can be operated on the unused laser bed while the machine is running. Perform cleaning from one side of cutting bed with a single operator.

Slag Removal Tool For Use on Laser Cutting Machines

The tool is moved along the slats on the bed of a laser machine to remove slag that accumulates while cutting. Rotary cutting tools ride on each side of the slat to lift and remove the slag. It may be used on steel, copper or hybrid steel/copper slats. When not in use it may be rolled along the floor and stored in the upright position.

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