Mach 100

The Mach 100 is the essential waterjet that gives you the fundamental versatility of waterjet cutting with no frills.
Mach 100

Unmatched Versatility

The Mach 100 is a versatile waterjet cutter that offers the basic features of waterjet cutting without any extra bells and whistles. It is built using the same components as Flow's premium cutting solutions and offers powerful cutting capabilities and a programmable Z-axis for added flexibility. The Mach 100 provides everything you want and only what you need.

Customer Benefits

The Mach 100 is a versatile cutting system suitable for businesses of all sizes. It boasts advanced cutting capabilities, a programmable z-axis, and can handle a wide range of applications making it an ideal solution.
The Mach 100 is designed for premium accuracy and longevity with its sturdy construction, precision motion system, and auto-lube system.
The Mach 100 offers a complete cutting solution with the support of Flow, including FlowCare which protects your investment and maximizes waterjet uptime.
The roll-around control feature of the Mach 100 allows for easy movement of the waterjet, providing flexibility in its operation.
Mach 100

Elevate your performance with the right waterjet cutting machine

Mach 100

Available Sizes: 1313, 3020, 4020
Rapid Traverse Maximum
Up to 400 in/min
[ 10 m/min]
Linear Straightness Accuracy
±0.005 in/3 ft
[±0.13 mm/m]
0.0025 in.
[0.064 mm]

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