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Introducing the ByBend Star 120:
Space-Efficient Powerhouse in Metal Press Brake Technology

Experience the compact bending miracle that optimizes your production space. The ByBend Star 120 is a metal press brake designed to meet the highest demands in process speed, flexibility, and accuracy. Ideal for applications that fall in the middle ground, where they're too large for a "small" machine yet too small for a "big" machine.

Customer Benefits

Swift Operation: ByBend Star 120 minimizes bending costs with short cycle times, ideal for small and medium-sized parts.
LAMS Function: Utilize the Laser Angle Measuring System for impeccable bending results from the very first part.
Reduce Setup Times: The "FastBend Plus" function eliminates time-consuming bending angle measurements, allowing immediate bending setup.
Bends (Almost) Everything: Accommodates small to medium-sized parts, various sheet thicknesses, and a wide range of materials, even those with higher tensile strength.
Save 30% Energy: Our metal press brake is not only fast and flexible but also sustainable, offering up to 30% energy savings and 20% faster operation through energy-efficient servo hydraulics.
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ByBend Star 120technical specifications
All information and data on the ByBend Star 120.

ByBend Star 120
120 tons
Bending length
80.71 in
Open height
24.02 in
Standard stroke
11.81 in
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