Bystronic Bending Cell

Bending Center For Fully Automatic Sheet Metal Processing
Bystronic Bending Cell
Bystronic Bending Cell

Stay Ahead of the Competition
With Fully Autonomous Xpert Pro Press Brake and Agile Robot

With the combination of the high-end Xpert Pro press brake and an agile robot, you can keep your automatic sheet metal bending machine running at full capacity even while others are idle. The touch screen interface makes it easy to control both the robot and press brake, and the ByVision Bending intelligent software optimizes bending processes and selects the appropriate tools for each job. This fully autonomous system allows you to operate at maximum efficiency and stay ahead of the competition.

Customer Benefits

High degree of bending automation due to fully automated tool and gripper change. Ideal for the processing of job lists and for varying jobs, from small batch sizes right through to large series
Save time and process bending parts unmanned with high precision. 7-axis robot with a high load capacity offers maximum flexibility and precision during the bending process. Even when bending heavy parts, this enables jobs to be processed fully automatically and without errors
High level of availability thanks to modular design. Depending on the set-up, the Bending Cell offers bending lengths of up to 4 meters, robot load capacities up to 270 kilograms, and ample material storage capacities and a generous tool magazine
Comprehensive automation concept from a single source. Bystronic provides the press brake, the automation system, customer service, and comprehensive guidance
Convenient offline programming of bending jobs. Subsequently, ByVision Bending allows the data to be imported in a simple process without interrupting the current bending job
Bystronic Bending Cell

Elevate your performance with the right sheet metal bending machine

Technical Data

Bending Cell
Tonnage Pressbrake
100, 150, 200, 250, 320 t
Bending length
122 + 169 in
Max. part size
ca. 118 x 59 in
Max. part weight
ca. 285 lbs
Max. Robot payload
595 lbs
Min. sheet thickness
ca. 0.2 in
Air supply
87 - 116 psi
Max. plate stack
ca. 60 in
Max. sheet metal stack height
ca. 78 in
Max. tool capacity in the magazine
ca. 122 ft
Number of gripper stations
5 +

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