Work Cell Staging Rack


Stop wasting valuable floor space and start going vertical! The Work Cell Staging Rack makes it easy to visually organize your work-in-progress parts. You’ll instantly free up the space you need to stage next jobs and minimize movement of parts and materials. Improve workflow and efficiency in your manufacturing facility overnight using this staging rack, which will quickly pay for itself.

The tower’s small footprint lets you comfortably stack 16 pallets in the space usually used for one wooden pallet. A dual side-by-side version fits 32 pallets in the typical space of two wooden pallets. When all current jobs are staged in the assigned tower, you can easily see whether a work cell is busy or vacant. We suggest a cartridge tower near every department or each machine, depending on your facility and workload.

  • Ideal for organizing work cells such as fiber laser cutting, punching, brake press, deburring, hardware insertion, tapping or welding

  • Uses reusable steel pallets instead of wooden pallets

  • 40" x 48" or other customizable configurations

  • Extremely durable and built to stack

  • Ultra-efficient when paired with a cartridge-style racking system

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