Semyx Waterjet: Leading the Way in Waterjet Cutting Solutions

Because of its virtually limitless cutting capabilities, waterjet technology is now the fastest-growing solution in precision equipment processes. A waterjet can cut with extreme accuracy, and it does not need to be sharpened. Waterjets are both highly efficient and environmentally-friendly, making them a perfectly natural choice for increasing productivity.

Specializing in waterjet cutting systems, Semyx is rapidly becoming a global industry leader. The company manufactures a variety of systems, which range from value options to the industry’s most technically advanced systems. Semyx offers standard and custom-made systems.

Advanced, User-Friendly Technology

Technology should be simple and easy to use. Semyx has combined all of the functions needed for the waterjet cutting system in one product. Their CAM-embedded touch screen controller is user-friendly and easy to work with, and it is a fully capable advanced controller.

The World’s Best Pumps

With decades of experience in the waterjet industry, Semyx has chosen key partners that have designed industry-leading pumps. These pumps have been created to meet the specific needs of customers across industries with varying application requirements. We offer both cutting edge direct drive and intensifier pump technology, ranging from 10hp to 300hp, and 40,000 psi to 90,000 psi. Semyx will work with you to find a pump that serves as a long term fit for your applications, your facility, and your budget.

Take a look at the options that Semyx has to offer:


TITAN Waterjet Cutting Series

The TITAN model is made to handle high production for versatile applications.


INFINITY Waterjet Cutting Series

Suitable for large areas, this flagship series is built to last.


COBRA Waterjet Cutting Series

Best suited to large areas and specially designed for textile applications.


OPTIMA Waterjet Cutting Series

A vigorous industrial design and rigid construction that combine precision and simplicity.


SCORPION Waterjet Cutting Series

Offering the most versatile waterjet cutting system on the market.

Whether you are new to waterjet cutting technology or very familiar with it, the Semyx systems are designed to impress. Their products offer a range of features to meet your specific needs. Once you begin working with a Semyx waterjet cutting system, you will understand why this brand is considered to be a global leader in the industry.