Uni-Wash DDB Series


Wet Downdraft Benches 1,000 – 12,500 CFM

The most efficient wet downdraft benches on the market, the Uni-Wash series of dust wet downdraft benches are capable of collecting dust down to 3 micron in size utilizing only 3" wg.

Wet type dust collection is required for the safe collection of combustible metal dust. Wet Type Dust Collection has also been used effectively in many other difficult applications in place of cartridge collectors. ProVent's unique scrub design has been an industry standard for over 40 years and continues to lead the industry in Wet Type Dust Collection efficiency.

Uni-Wash wet dust collection downdraft benches are fully complaint with the NFPA 484 standard when purchased with the NFPA 484 package.


  • Orifice / Impingement Patented Scrub Never Clogs

  • Stainless Steel Scrub Components

  • Integral High Efficiency Fan Assemblies

  • Solid Welded Construction

  • No Filters to Replace

  • Many Available Options to Customize

  • Various Power Options Available Including 575 Volts


  • Combustible Metal Processes

  • Metal Finishing

  • Food Processing

  • Pharmaceutical Processes

  • Biomedical Manufacturing

  • Shot Peening, Sand Blasting

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Popular Options


The NFPA package enables customers to fully comply with NFPA 484 guidelines for combustible metals such as aluminum, titanium, magnesium and others. By strictly adhering to NFPA guidelines, our wet dust collectors provide for shutting down the collector AND the dust producing equipment via control panel interlock on water level and airflow warnings.

*NFPA The power supply to the dust-producing equipment shall be interlocked with the airflow from the exhaust blower and the liquid-level controller for the collector so that improper functioning of the dust-collection system will shut down the equipment it serves.

The Sani-Ball cleaning system utilizes powerful spray nozzles to simplify the cleaning process

UCSS (1).jpg

All ProVent equipment is available in painted or unpainted stainless steel. Popular with the food processing industry, stainless steel provides cleanliness and longevity to the equipment.

UCSS (1).jpg

Removable side panels allow for different configurations of the equipment.


Dual sided benches are an excellent use of space.


Flush mounted lighting!