Stackable Pallet Racks


Store working pallets and product right where you need them with Stackable Pallet Racks.  These pallet racks let you safely stack product on several standard wooden pallets vertically to make better use of tight spaces, instead of storing one conventional pallet on the floor.

You'll stay more organized, increase efficiency and prevent losing or misplacing parts, all in a smaller footprint on your valuable floor space. Our stacking pallet racks also help maintain a cleaner shop floor, increase workflow and throughput, reduce forklift traffic and reduce employee stress.

  • Modular unit that accommodates varying product heights in the same unit

  • Designed to hold standard 40" x 48" wooden pallets

  • Holds up to 3,000 lbs. per rack and can be relocated daily if needed

  • Racks can be locked together with internal locating pins

  • Fast ROI

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