SlatPro™ Rhino Hammer Offer Versatility and Efficiency


The SlatPro™ Rhino Hammer enables you to remove tabbed parts with ease. After the tabbed parts have been cut, this tool applies shop air to direct impact vibration to the tabs. This breaks them loose and leaves the finished parts in solid condition. Air pressure is necessary for removing the parts, and a unique, replaceable polyurethane tip handles that air pressure beautifully.

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Exploring the Features of the SlatPro™ Rhino Hammer

Once you begin using this tool, you may wonder how you ever got along without it! Simply apply a little air tool oil in the tool, make the air connection, and start removing tabbed parts with ease.

The Rhino Hammer offers a variety of features designed to make your work easier:

  • Comfort – The Rhino Hammer is a compact tool, making it comfortable to hold and use. It is also easy to grip, so you may utilize it for longer periods of time without stopping.

  • Gentle on Parts – Although this tool can quickly detach parts from their tabs, it does so without causing damage. The polyurethane tip was designed not to harm the parts as you remove them.

  • Optimal Control – When you use the Rhino Hammer, you are applying air pressure to detach tabbed parts. This air pressure may be regulated to reduce or increase pressure according to your needs.

  • Versatility – This unique piece of equipment works on varying levels of thickness. That ensures continuity of production, which will help maximize resources such as time, effort, and money.

A Better Tool for a More Efficient Outcome

The SlatPro™ Rhino Hammer can save you money and time. It is an innovative tool that provides ease of use coupled with a comfortable grip. Instead of expending much time and effort removing tabbed parts by hand, use the Rhino Hammer to get the job done efficiently.

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