SlatPro™ Copper Slats – Discover the Benefits


Since they can last six to eight times longer than steel slats do, copper slats are an ideal choice for improving productivity. These slats can work for up to two years, and cleaning them is easier than cleaning steel slats. Slag accumulates more slowly when copper slats are in use. Although the copper variety may cost more than steel, this product pays for itself over time. Less cleaning time, greater longevity, and less frequent need for replacements mean overall savings for the user. Additionally, the decrease in slag build-up leads to cut parts of better quality. Such parts would otherwise sustain a marred bottom surface, due to laser bounce-back and contact resulting from slag accumulation.

Why You Need SlatPro™ Copper Slats for Production

Copper slats can increase your productivity levels for a variety of reasons. Consider these points when deciding which slats might best serve your needs:

  • Less Maintenance – Because they reduce the amount of build-up on surfaces, copper slats will not need to be cleaned as often as steel slats. Slag accumulation occurs much more slowly than it does on steel, and less maintenance means less expense.

  • More Uptime – The more that you can use your equipment, the better. Copper slats last for significantly longer periods than steel. In fact, they may endure up to six to eight times longer. This means you can spend more time cutting and less time waiting for replacement parts.

  • Improved Productivity Levels – The bottom line is that copper slats experience less slag build-up, and this increases productivity levels. You save money in terms of maintenance time and replacement costs.

Save Money with SlatPro™ Copper Slats

While copper slats might initially seem more expensive, using them could actually reduce your production expenses. The return on your investment could far outweigh the price you pay to get started with SlatPro™ copper slats.

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