Lean Steel Rack - Sheet Metal Storage Solution


The Lean Steel Rack sheet metal storage system keeps raw metal material easily accessible, protected and secure. This manual cartridge system will immediately free up floor space, increase efficiency, improve safety and help you create a leaner manufacturing facility.

Sheet metal storage and staging is an expensive challenge. As new lasers and punching machines get faster, a space-saving, streamlined material handling and storage system is more important than ever. With the Lean Steel Rack, you’ll overcome common challenges of storing and staging sheet metal:

  • No more using cumbersome wooden pallets to stack sheet metal

  • No need to continuously move raw material to get at the buried stock you need

  • Eliminate wasted vertical space and inefficient movement of raw sheet stock

  • Improve productivity and reduce employee risk and frustration

  • Reduce material damage caused by excessive handling of sheet metal. Material rests on a sturdy platform and is always protected from forks.

  • Customizable to any sheet size

  • ROI is typically less than a year – often only a few months

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