SCORPION Waterjet Cutting Series

In terms of speed and accuracy, this series offers the most versatile waterjet cutting system on the market. The SCORPION waterjet cutting series is efficient in size and cost. The control system and the ultra-high pressure pump are integrated into the body of all the models in the series, resulting in the smallest footprint among all waterjet cutting systems. It also allows for easy access from all three sides. The SCORPION waterjet cutting system is perfect for those looking for a compact footprint and extreme accuracy.

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Technical Data

Key Technical Values

Scorpion 316
X-Axis Cutting Stroke 120 in
Y-Axis Cutting Stroke 63 in
Z-Axis Cutting Stroke 7 in
Footprint Width 141 in
Footprint Length 159 in
Accuracy 0.003 in
Repeatability ±0.001 in
Drivers AC Servo Motors
Motion for X-Axis Ball Screw
Motion for Y-Axis Ball Screw

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