SideKick BT Series


Workstation Dust Collector – 800 CFM

The SideKick BT is a self-cleaning, cartridge workstation dust collector capable of filtering most shop contaminates including: welding smoke, cutting, brazing smoke and grinding dust.

This versatile industrial cartridge workstation dust collector will exhaust clean air that meets Federal OSHA standards. It will also provides a fan pressure capable of producing the air volume necessary to maintain proper air filtration when used with extraction arms or as a stationary unit hard-piped to a local station.


  • 800 CFM at 6" wg TSP

  • Push-Button Reverse Pulse Filter Cleaning

  • Polyamide Impeller for Smooth, Quite Operation

  • 260 SQ FT Single Cartridge Filter, 80 / 20 Cellulose – Polyester Blend

  • Minihelic Differential Pressure Filter Gauge

  • Removable Dust Tray

  • 1.5 HP, 110V / 1 Phase, TEFC Motor

  • NEMA 1 Start / Stop / Reset Motor Controls

  • Vertically Mounted Filter, Sealing Via Dual Rail "Single Push" CAM Locking Assembly

  • Various Power Options Available Including 575 Volts


  • Welding Operations

  • Grinding Operations

  • Cutting

  • Deburring

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Popular Options


The SideArm SA6 / SA8 Series Flexible Source Capture Exhaust Arms collect process generated airborne particulate at the point of containment generation.

The extraction arm is designed specifically for processes where hood movement is necessary.

Conical hood hardware provides increased velocity at the point of capture, maintaining efficient performance in situations where the source capture device may not be placed in an optimum position to the process or where the hood is located with longer ducted distances from the ventilation equipment.

A variety of orientations and mountings are offered. The SideArm systems can be attached to most brands of portable air cleaning and ventilation systems, including the SideKick line of Portable Cartridge Collectors


The versatility of the SideKick BT series is shown here with a leg stand option and a collection drum.


Filter media options:

  • NANO Web – Fire Retardant (standard)

  • HEPA Filtration

  • Stainless Steel FDA

  • Fire Retardant

  • 100% Polyester

  • Aluminized coating

  • Poly Hydro

  • Nano Web


All ProVent equipment is available in painted or unpainted stainless steel. Popular with the food processing industry, stainless steel provides cleanliness and longevity to the equipment.