Intercept EWC Series


Booth Dust Collection System 4,000 – 16,000 CFM

Fugitive dust, smoke and fumes are removed from the open production area and contained within the booth dust collection system. The Enviro-Cell eliminates the need for central dust safe working environment. Housekeeping is restricted to the interior of the booth. The work area is continuously cleaned by cartridge filters offering filtration capabilities of 95% efficiency down to 0.3 microns. Air discharge is recirculated back into the environment. Knocked down Booth Panels are custom designed to meet customer specifications.

The compressed air manifold for filter blowdown is nested inside the unit for convenient system installation against an existing wall or corner. Pulse Controls are standard, complete with Photohelic Gauge monitoring, and supplied with a timer in a NEMA 12 control box. Motor controls, if supplied, are housed in the same control box for ease of connection. Standard system sizes range from 4,000 to 16,000 cfm, with custom capacities also available.

ProVent also manufactures a wet booth collection system for the containment of combustible dust which can be seen by clicking here.


  • 12 Gauge All Welded Construction

  • DTM Durathane Mastic Industrial Finish

  • Integral Direct Driven, High Efficiency Fan Assemblies

  • Removable Aluminum Louvered Intake Panels

  • Dust Drawers with Access from Booth Side

  • Pulse Controls with Magnahelic gauge in NEMA 12 Cabinet

  • NANO Web Fire Retardant – MERV 15 Filter

  • Vertically Mounted Filters, Sealing Via Dual Rail "Single Push" CAM Locking Assembly

  • Various Power Options Available Including 575 Volts


  • Metal Finishing

  • Food Processing

  • Powder Coating

  • Sanding

  • Grinding

  • Chemical Mixing

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Popular Options


ProVent can design a custom booth for your application. Unique booth sizes and CFM requirements for difficult applications can be handled by our engineering team.


Flush mounted booth lighting creates a bright work environment.


A crane slot can be incorporated into any booth configuration.


Silencers are available to reduce the sound of the exhaust air from the back of the dust collector.


Booth panels built of 16Ga steel are available when extra strength is needed.