Plate Rolling Machines

Faccin bending rolls are suitable for bending plates in a variety of thicknesses and are technologically advanced products capable of bending varyingly thin or thick plates while offering maximum precision, high productivity and long term reliability.

With the aim to best satisfy every application requirement, Faccin produces and sells various types of plate bending machines. The range includes three models suitable for bending thin plates: HCU, 2-roll bending roll with high speed and very high productivity, the ASI 3-roll initial pinch bending rolland model 3HEL, electronic 3-roll pyramid bending roll with double pinch. For rolling thicker plates, Faccin produces and offers two different models: 4HEL, a 4-roll pyramid electronic bending roll, and HAV, a 3-roll variable geometry bending roll.

  • 4 Rolls Plate Roll 4HEL is the most versatile, accurate and simple to use 4-roll pyramidal electronic bending roll. The most powerful machine amongst CNC linear straight guide bending rolls, assuring high productivity with tripled speed compared to traditional pyramidal bending rolls. The 4HEL series is designed to bend plates with width between 1500 and 18000 mm (5 ft – 60 ft) and cold from 5 to 150 mm (3/16" – 6"), and is used for producing cisterns, pressure vessels and wind towers.

  • Plate Rolls with Planetary Swinging Arms 4HEP is a series of 4-roll bending rolls is latest evolution of a design developed in Faccin and used by the most demanding operators for over 25 years. The 4HEP designed and build by Faccin are the most reliable and modern solution available among all rolling machines with Planetary technology. The 4HEP are considered the most cost effective investment for high productivity requirements for rolling plates from 5 to 150mm thickness up to a useful length of 18000mm.

  • 3 Roll Variable Geometry Bending Roll HAV is recognized worldwide as the most advanced and powerful model of electronic 3-roll bending roll. HAV combines rolling power and maximum pre-bending precision, assuring very high performance in less time. The special variable geometry configuration makes HAV 3-roll bending rolls suited to medium-heavy and heavy rolling processes for plates with thickness up to 300 mm, such as production of pressure vessels, offshore platforms, reactors, heat exchangers.

  • 3 Rolls Plate Roll 3HEL is the latest evolution of the traditional bending roll. 3HEL is the most precise, sturdy and versatile electronic pyramidal 3-roll bending roll in its class. This 3-roll double pinch bending roll is designed and built by Faccin for meeting the needs of metal fabrication. The 3HEL series includes linear guide bending rolls for processing plates with width between 1500 and 4000 mm (60" – 156") and thickness between 3 and 30 mm (1/8" – 1-3/16"). Reliability at low cost and ease of use.

  • Initial Pinch Plate Roll ASI is the initial pinch 3-roll bending roll model designed for high quality cylinder rolling. Thanks to asymmetric geometry in moving rolls, ASI delivers a superior level of rolling. Durable construction for maximum safety, self-supporting frame for placement on any surface. ASI is ideal to bend plates of thickness between 1 and 9 mm and width between 1000 and 3000 mm (40" – 120").

  • 2 Rolls Plate Roll HCU is an innovative design 2 roll bending roll model, made with a special polyurethane roll and designed to roll thin plates with high productivity. The HCU series includes bending rolls with automation for an average rolling of 180 pieces per hour, reaching a peak of over 300 pieces per hour in special versions. HCU is ideal to roll plates between 500 and 2000 mm (20" – 80") long with thickness from 0.2 to 5 mm (.008"” – .197"), achieving bending diameters of even less than 80 mm (3").

On Point has many plate rolling machines and bending rolls available through Faccin S.p.A.

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