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TL Series

The system is designed to be fast, easy to use, safe, reliable and flexible. It is a single portal machine equipped with focusing optics with 3 controlled axes for the 2D plant and 5 controlled axis for the 3D plant. The system guarantees excellent performance in terms of acceleration and speed ensuring high precision in the whole working area.

It is composed by: A system of sheet metal storage consisting of a load-bearing structure with sheet-supporting slats. On the standard machine, the sheet metal storage table is fixed. On request, a double moving flat bed is available for loading of new sheets or unloading cut pieces while the machine is cutting.


  • Portal Unit
    Portal unit carrying the laser cutting head, the translation movements are made by pre-loaded roller skids.
  • Automatic pallet change system
    Automatic pallet change system to allow operating in absolute security while increasing productivity, the use of the pallet change system is recommended.
  • 2D or 3D cutting unit
    2d or 3D cutting unit equipped with a capacitive sensor and electronic control to ensure the right focus distance from the surface to cut.
  • Hopper
    Hopper positioned underneath the working plan is always located below the cutting head. It is composed by two parts which are connected to the aspiration system.

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  • TTM Laser Tube Laser Technical Specs

Technical Data

Key Technical Values

TL Series
Max speed X axis 100 m/min
Max speed Y axis 120 m/min
Max repositioning speed X,Y axis 156 m/min
Max speed Z axis 60 m/min
Max speed C, A axis
(only with 3D cutting head)
36 rpm
2D cutting area width 3, 4 m
2D cutting area available lengths 12, 25 m, 14, 25 m, 16, 25 m,
or customized dimensions
3D cutting width 3,0 m
3D cutting area available lengths 12 m, 14 m, 16 m
X positioning accuracy 0,05 mm/mt
Y, Z positioning accuracy 0,02 mm/mt
X positioning repeatability ±0,05 mm
Y, Z positioning repeatability ±0,01 mm
Materials Carbon steel, stainless steel
Type of source CO2 or Fiber
Cutting head 3D
Max cutting angle 45º
Number of controlled axes 7 (in the maximum configuration)
Machine weight (depending on configuration) min 80 tons - max 120 tons

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