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N2-GEN® S Series Nitrogen Generators

Generate your own nitrogen with the N2-GEN S Series and never wait for a delivery again.

The N2-GEN S series skid mounted Nitrogen Generating System is one of our most popular systems, as its high purity N2 output and variety of sizes makes it a versatile choice for several applications. Generate your own nitrogen for a wide range of applications including food, medical, industrial, and more.

The N2-GEN S series uses a specially designed system known as Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA). This means that you can have high purity Nitrogen gas at your disposal quickly and easily.

The S Series has the capability of generating Nitrogen with purities up to 99.9995% – which is optimal for high purity industrial applications.

Please contact On Point Solutions for flow rates, purities and dimensions.

Benefits of the N2-GEN S Series from South-Tek Systems:

  • N2 purity and flow rates can be modified for your application
  • Generate your own Nitrogen at your site and reduce your Nitrogen costs by up to 90%
  • Fast payback with ROI average 12-14 months over bulk liquid
  • DAS / Purity Certification included with each system
  • Made in the USA

PDF Sheets

  • N2-GEN S Series Nitrogen Generators Datasheet