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N2-GEN® HPC Series Nitrogen Generators

The N2-GEN HPC is a skid-mount Nitrogen Generation System that provides an infinite supply of 95 – 99.999% pure Nitrogen gas on-site and on-demand for filling High Pressure (HP) Cylinders. This system is a safe, convenient and cost-effective alternative to renting High Pressure Nitrogen Cylinders for a wide range of industrial applications. South-Tek Systems’ Nitrogen Generator systems provides an unlimited supply of high purity Nitrogen gas at the point of process and eliminates the need for ordering Nitrogen dewars, high pressure cylinders, or bulk liquid tank fills.

Please contact On Point Solutions for flow rates, purities and dimensions.

Benefits of the N2-GEN HPC Series from South-Tek Systems:

  • Cost-effective, continuous N2 supply for cylinder filling
  • Avoid HP Cylinder delivery, rental & refill fees
  • No more running out of gas or waiting for deliveries
  • Simple installation and uses minimal space
  • Safe, easy and inexpensive to maintain
  • Eliminate gas contracts Systems operating over 20 years
  • Systems average 12 to 14 month ROI
  • Reduce your Nitrogen costs by up to 90%

PDF Sheets

  • N2-GEN® HPC Series Nitrogen Generators Datasheet