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Fladder® 300/GYRO

The Fladder® 300/Gyro is your mid-sized deburring solution. Able to process parts just over 5 ft. wide, this machine can get the job done.

Fladder® 300/GYRO Automated Deburring Systems

Customer Benefits

  • Even and consistent deburring and edge-rounding (true radius) in all directions regardless of part contours or geometry.
  • 100% uniform and 100% consistent finish pattern.
  • No heat distortion.
  • Guaranteed same results throughout the lifetime of the Fladder Abrasive Brushes.
  • Minimum dust production, allowing the machines to work with low CFM dust collectors.
  • Simple cleaning of machines.
  • Can process work-pieces 1" x 1" and up.
  • Can process different gauges at the same time (up to ¼” difference in thickness).
  • Can process different materials at the same time.
  • Can process pre-finished parts without removing the coatings.

PDF Sheets

  • Fladder® 300/GYRO Technical Data

Technical Data

Key Technical Values

Fladder® 300/GYRO
Total Height 2210 mm
Machine Width 2300 mm
Total Length 2070 mm
Height of Conveyor Belt 850 mm
Working Width 1300 mm
Max. Part Height 100 mm
Max. Part Width 1300 - 1600 mm
Infeed Speed 0.3 10.0 m/min.
Spindle Number & Length 6 x 350 mm
Voltage 3 x 400/500 V 50 - 60 Hz
Max./Min. Fuse 63 A / 50 A
Max. Power Consumption 25 kW
Net Weight 2300 kgs

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