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FL 800

The  FL 800 machine is equipped with 3D or 2D cutting head and are conceived for the processing of round, square and rectangular section tubes automatically loaded by a beam tube pick-up system, while the open section profiles are loaded by a chain system.

The system core consists of a three-dimensional called “Sphera” that allows any point in a spherical space to be worked: movement takes place along 5 interpolated axes with ball recirculation screws and linear motors. The piece movement along the processing axis are guaranteed by 4 self-centring spindles, able to process different diameters and sections without having to change equipment. The change in the straightness of the piece during processing are compensated by an integrated floating system that allows precision processing, even in case of significant irregularities of the tube, thus avoiding damaging mechanical stresses to the spindles.


  • 4MMS - Mobile Mandrels (Chucks) System
    The 4 mobile mandrels (chucks) are indispensable to allow the maximum optimisation of loading and unloading operations ensuring high productivity.
  • Sphera
    The 3D Sphera system allows any point in a spherical space to be worked, the movement along 5 interpolated axes, with recirculating ball screws, ensures high dynamics.

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  • TTM Laser Tube Laser Technical Specs

Technical Data

Key Technical Values

Round Tube5,9"32"
Square Tube5,9" x 5,9"21,6" x 21,6"
Rectangular Tube7,8" x 5,9"23" x 15"
Open SectionsL, UPN, HEA, HEB, IPN/IPE
Max Loading Capacity236 ppf
Available Length of Loader41', 46', 52', 59'
Available Length of Unloader41', 46', 52', 59'
MaterialsMild steel, stainless steel
Type of SourceCO2
Type of Laser Head3D or 2D
Number of Controlled Axis35 (complete configuration)
Weight of the plant (depending on configuration)140 tons170 tons

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