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FL 170 3D

The new FL170 3D FIBER is the latest edition to the FL range of 3D laser cutting systems from Bystronic Laser. The machine utilizes FIBER-laser technology and is equipped with a 3D cutting head. This innovative combination allows the laser cutting of even highly reflective materials such as brass and copper tubes ranging from diameter 12 to 168mm without forgoing the advantages of bevel cutting up to 45°. Open profiles can be processed upon request and verification of feasibility. Combining a Fiber laser source and a 3D cutting head make the FL170 3D FIBER a unique machine that offer high productivity, ultimate product/ material flexibility with lower power consumption and moderate maintenance costs.


  • Automatic loading system from bundle
    Automatic loading system from bundle of tubes. Upon request, chain feeder for small production and open profiles.
  • Machine configuration
    Machine configuration and layout based on flow of material (standard from left to right or opposite from right to left) and on possible space restrictions.
  • Unloading system
    Unloading of cut pieces towards Nr. 3 main areas (central for short pieces, front or back). Unloading tables available upon request.

PDF Sheets

  • TTM Laser Tube Laser Technical Specs

Technical Data

Key Technical Values

Round Tube0,5"6,6"
Square Tube0,6" x 0,6"4,7" x 4,7"
Rectangular Tube0,7" x 0,59"5,9" x 4,7"
Open SectionsL, UPN
Max Loading Capacity16,8 ppf
Available Length of Loader21', 31', 41'
Available Length of Unloader6,56' - 13' - 20'
MaterialsMild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass
Type of SourceFiber
Type of Laser Head3D
Number of Controlled Axis21 in the maximum configuration
Weight of the plant (depending on configuration)35 tons45 tons