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Compact N2-GEN® Series Nitrogen Generators

The N2GEN® CPx and CPi Mini PSA Series provides an alternative for your gas supply that is more cost effective than purchasing and maintaining either banks of N2 gas cylinders or N2 liquid storage tanks. PSA Nitrogen Gas generator technology guarantees consistent high N2 purity up to 99.999%, all within a compact foot print. The CPi comes with an integrated air compressor, while the CPx requires an external air compressor. Both include a control panel with run status, filter reminders, and an hour meter. The PLUS versions includes a full PLC and display with the option to include an oxygen analyzer to monitor N2 purity in real time. N2 cost savings can reach 90% or more over the cost of your local gas company.

Please contact On Point Solutions for flow rates, purities and dimensions.

Benefits of the N2-GEN CP Series from South-Tek Systems:

  • Generate your own Nitrogen on demand
  • Reduce Nitrogen costs by up to 90%
  • Fast payback with ROI average 12-14 months over bulk liquid
  •  Custom options such as Purity Certification and EverPureTM
  • System life expectancy of over 20 years
  • No missed deliveries, escalating costs or contracts to sign
  • Fully automatic: production begins when demand downstream is sensed

PDF Sheets

  • Compact N2-GEN® Series Nitrogen Generators Datasheet