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Bystronic Laser Material Handling

From simple sheet loading to complete lights-out automation warehouse systems, Bystronic laser metal cutting automation cells offer a wide selection with great flexibility. On Point Solutions is Bystronic’s exclusive representative in Wisconsin, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi. Bystronic is unique in that automation components can be added to your base laser cutting system as your needs change.

ByTrans Extended

Intelligent solution for loading and unloading of laser cutting system.

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Bystronic ByTrans Extended Laser Material Handling


Compact storage tower for lightly-manned production.

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Bystronic ByTower Laser Material Handling


Proven solution for efficient sheet metal handling.

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Bystronic ByLoader Laser Material Handling

ByTrans Cross

Modular automation for loading and unloading laser cutting systems.

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Bystronic ByTrans Cross Laser Material Handling


The upgrade for the fully automatic sorting of parts.

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Bystronic BySort Laser Material Handling