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Automated Deburring Systems

On Point Solutions offers automated deburring machines for efficient, precise and productive deburring to create the required surface for fabricated parts. We proudly represent Fladder across the United States, leaders in innovation and technology for today’s deburring needs. Contact On Point Solutions for:

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A powerful and efficient machine concept!

Fladder® Automatic Deburring Machines

On Point Solutions represents Fladder automated deburring equipment for metal fabricators throughout the U.S. Fladder offers the industry’s most advanced automated deburring systems. The Danish manufacturer has decades of engineering expertise specifically in deburring, and designs its deburring systems for durability, efficiency, ease of operation and longevity.

With its powerful, efficient design, Fladder is widely considered as providing best-in-class deburring solutions across the fabrication industry. Once your machine is installed, your operators can be trained and running the machine at a high level typically within a couple of hours!

Fladder® 200/GYRO

The Fladder® 200/GYRO is the perfect deburring solution for small parts processing. With the smallest footprint, the machine has all of the qualities of is larger counterparts.

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Fladder® 200/GYRO Automated Deburring Systems

Fladder® 300/GYRO

The Fladder® 300/Gyro is your mid-sized deburring solution. Able to process parts just over 5 ft. wide, this machine can get the job done.

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Fladder® 300/GYRO Automated Deburring Systems