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Antil Laser Material Handling

On Point Solutions offers material handling solutions from Antil, a leader in applying advanced technology to innovate sheet metal production processes for small and medium-sized manufacturers. Antil has a strong technical background in developing automated sheet bending and loading/unloading cutting machines and robots, as well as sheet automated warehouse applications.

Antil Laser Material Handling

Antil Automated Warehouses

Antil automated warehouses complement interlocking systems for press brakes and laser cutting and punching machines. These systems help improve facility efficiency, reduce processing times of individual projects and optimize production space.

Advantages of Antil warehouse solutions:

  • Extraordinary compactness.
  • Ability to power various processing plants, with fully customized layout and dimensioning.
  • Efficient computer interfacing, allowing real-time stock management and flexible production management.
  • Modularity allows for future expansion.

On Point Solutions can help you select an Antil warehousing solution for your needs, such as:

  • Warehouses with integrated loading-unloading system (models ACS8S, 9S, 13S e 16S) for feeding laser cutting Machines of any brand or model.
  • Single or double tower warehouses with elevator (models 1T, 2T) for feeding laser or combined cutting machines, robotic bending cells or punching machines.
  • Multi-tower warehouses with traslo-elevator, AWS systems, for storing sheet metal (also with different formats) and other material. Can manage several thousand tons of sheet packs and can be connected to any automatic production facility.

Antil Load/Unload Systems

Antil loading/unloading systems offer automatic and continuous operation for laser cutting and punching machines. For handling whole metal sheets or individual parts, Antil load/unload systems offer improved efficiency and fast ROI.

ACS Load/Unload Systems:

Wide range of configurations for loading and unloading whole sheets of any format.

  • ACS 5
  • ACS FD F and ACS FD L
  • ACS FS F and AVS FS L
  • ACS FS F and ACS FS L

ASPS Sorting Systems

Can separate cut pieces, divide them and neatly stack them to meet your production requirements.

  • ASPS

ACS-P Load/Unload for Punching Machines:

Automation for punching or combined cutting machines. Minimally invasive systems that ensure continuity of unattended operations for different types of machines.

  • ACS-P