Nitrogen Generation

On Point Solutions provides nitrogen generators for metal fabrication, particularly for nitrogen assist gas. In 2018 On Point Solutions became an exclusive partner with South-Tek Systems. South-Tek Sytems have had a long, successful history of producing nitrogen assist gas for the industry’s top laser cutting manufacturers. Producing nitrogen on-site can help reduce cost per part.

Our systems are either membrane or PSA (pressure swing adsorption), depending on your application.

  • South-Tek Sytems N2-Gen® TS Series nitrogen generators are tank mounted PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) systems designed for high purity Nitrogen applications. The N2-GEN TS Series has the capability of generating Nitrogen with purities up to 99.999%.

  • South-Tek Systems N2-Gen® CS Series nitrogen generators have the capability of generating Nitrogen with purities up to 99.9995% – which is the optimal level for a wide range of applications. From modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to pharmaceutical manufacturing to printing and beyond, using high purity Nitrogen can greatly improve your business or industry's performance.

  • South-Tek Systems N2-Gen® S Series nitrogen generators are skid mounted Nitrogen Generating Systems and are one of our most popular systems, as its high purity N2 output and variety of sizes makes it a versatile choice for several applications. Generate your own nitrogen for a wide range of applications including food, medical, industrial, and more.

On Point has many core nitrogen generation systems available through South-Tek. We can also work with you to engineer a custom system to meet your nitrogen generation needs.

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