Metal Rolling Machines

On Point Solutions provides metal rolling machinery including plate bending rolls, angle rolls, dished head machinery and special machines including ship frame bending roll, presses and plate straightening machines. In 2019 On Point Solutions became an exclusive partner with Faccin S.p.A. Faccin has over 50 years of bending experience and has the largest production facility in the world for bending systems and plate roll bending machinery.

Plate Rolling Machines

Faccin bending rolls are suitable for bending plates in a variety of thicknesses and are technologically advanced products capable of bending varyingly thin or thick plates while offering maximum precision, high productivity and long term reliability.

faccin-bending-roll (1).png

Angle Rolling Machines

Faccin's angle rolls are technologically advanced, reliable and precise machines able to assure excellent bending quality and maximum productivity over time. Faccin's roll bending machines are suitable for bending steel, stainless steel and aluminium profiles and beams of various shapes and sizes.

faccin-angle-roll (1).png