Lean Manufacturing Products


On Point Solutions offers unique sheet metal organizing systems to help you create a leaner shop, increase efficiency and develop more capacity. Designed and manufactured in Wisconsin, these value-added products, such as stacking pallet racks and lean steel storage rack systems, can eliminate storage bottlenecks and improve workflow.

Return on investment cycles for these products are incredibly quick. These versatile products are developed by a metal fabrication business that understands the challenges of running a lean and profitable facility. With a growing list of skews, we offer standard and custom sheet metal organizing solutions for a wide variety of manufacturing facilities.

On Point can help you:

  • Save time, money, and space

  • Improve work flow

  • Simplify mobility and material handling

  • Improve organization

  • Optimize talent

  • Add visibility to next-job priorities

  • Reduce damaged material

  • Shorten lead times

  • Reduce stress

  • Reduce fork lift traffic

Stacking Pallet

Make better use of tight space by stacking work pallets right where you need them.


Sheet Metal Storage

Easily and safely access raw material while freeing up floor space.


Work Cell Staging Rack

Visually organize your work-in-progress parts more efficiently.


Rolling Pallet Cart

Save time and add flexibility to your operations with sturdy pallet carts to easily move parts and materials.


PDF Sheets