FL 300

The work piece is housed between the four self-centring sliding jaws of the mobile chuck, structured in such a way not to require the replacement of the grips. The possibility of avoiding equipment change also distinguishes the fixed chuck, consisting in a solid structure housing the four self-centring idle rolls. The FL 300 loading system consist in a bundle loader, while the open profiles are loaded by a chain system; independent manipulators allow the loading of tubes from the bundle and tubes or profiles from chains.

The “smart” unloading makes it possible to enhance the productivity of the plant and significantly reduce the downtime for the storage of the cut parts. The unloading system for long parts is provided with controlled axes for the support and handling of any tube or profile during machining.


  • Bundle loading
    It is an automatic pick-up and separating system of tubes and hollow sections up to diam. 254mm.

  • Chain loading system
    The loading system, consisting of chains with V supports, allows the loading of profiles and open sections.

  • Unloading gantry with third chuck
    This system allows the pick-up of the cut tube, unloading it in the desired area. The third chuck is essential for the support during the cutting operations for those lengths exceeding 6 meters.

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Technical Data

Key Technical Values

Min Max
Round Tube 0,75" 12"
Square Tube 0,75" x 0,75" 10" x 10"
Rectangular Tube 0,75" x 1,18" 9,84" x 5,9"
Open Sections L, UPN, HEA, HEB, IPN/IPE
Max Loading Capacity 40,3 ppf
Available Length of Loader 21', 31', 41'
Available Length of Unloader 13', 20', 26'
Materials Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum
Type of Source CO2 or Fiber
Type of Laser Head 3D
Number of Controlled Axis 28 in the maximum configuration
Weight of the plant (depending on configuration) 50 tons 70 tons

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