Bystronic Xpert 40


The compact speed machine for cost-effective small parts.

Customer Benefits

  • Maximum processing speed through upper flank and backgauge acceleration.

  • Ideal when space is limited and capacities vary: The machine can be mobily set up and put into operation in less than five minutes.

  • Process-controlled drive unit reduces power consumption by up to 30 percent and decreases wear and tear.

  • Flexible tool selection and a press capacity of up to 40 tons creates a wide application scope.

  • High operator convenience through ergonomic design and individually adaptable workspace.

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Technical Data

Key Technical Values

Xpert 40
Tonnage 44 US tons
Bending Length 3.4 ft
Open Height 22.4 in
Standard Stroke 7.9 in
Max. High Speed 11.8 in/s
Max. Working Speed 0.975 in/s

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