Bystronic ByStar L


The all-arounder for XXL formats up to 12 x 2.5 meters.

Customer Benefits

  • Available in 4400 and 6000 watt.

  • Even large parts up to 12 m in length are processed precisely and economically.

  • Up to 60 square meters of sheet metal can be loaded onto the machine. Jobs can be processed that are outside the range of competitors’ standard systems.

  • The working area is fully accessible, both during sheet metal and tube and profile processing.

  • Clear view of the entire working area, even during the cutting process.

  • High laser power for the economical processing of thick sheet metal.

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Technical Data

Key Technical Values

ByStar L 4025-120 ByStar L 4025-65 ByStar L 4025-80
ByVision TouchScreen Operation & Manual Control Unit Yes Yes Yes
Circumscribed Circle Diameter of the Rotary Axis 0.625–12.4 in 0.625–12.4 in 0.625–12.4 in
Maximum Positioning Speed Simulatenous 3346 in/min 3346 in/min 3346 in/min
Nominal Sheet Size 472 x 98 in 256 x 98 in 315 x 98 in

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