Wisconsin Powers Up with Bystronic 10kw Fiber Lasers

The State of Wisconsin has a long history of being a leader in the metal manufacturing industry. This history is bolstered by a roster of multi generation companies, professional work forces and a strong collaboration between industry and education. Wisconsin leadership continues to press forward to make the business climate friendly and 'open for business'.

On Point Solutions team members have unique access to a large sub section of manufacturing in the United States. Without a doubt, one of the clearest and most defined characteristics we witness, with the most successful manufacturers, is their commitment to innovate. This commitment is even more prevalent with the Wisconsin company I will highlight in this article. Frankly, it seems to reside in this company's DNA.

Loos Machine & Automation, Inc., Colby, WI  was establish in 1902. For over 100 years. Loos Machine & Automation has provided engineering, machining, welding, fabricating and automation services for the food processing industry. Although located in a small community in northern Wisconsin, Loos Machine has been a major provider to the food process industry through the United States as well as the World market. Once of Loos' defining differences is their state of the art manufacturing facilities and one of their major partnerships is with Bystronic, Inc. Bystronic is a world leading Fiber Laser, Press Brake and Software manufacturer. Early in 2017 Loos Machine added a ByStar 10kw Fiber laser and an Xpert Press Brake. Eric Mertens, Chief Executive Officer of Loos Machine & Automation offered the following statement. "We have experienced record growth over the past 5 years and are currently on pace to increase revenues by 40% this year. Like most American companies today, finding skilled labor can be a struggle- the same goes for our customers as well as us, automation is key to optimizing the bottom line. Continuous implementation of innovative equipment has allowed us to provide a high quality product at a competitive price. After a long relationship with Bystronic, we chose to stay with Bystronic because of their cutting edge technology in both Laser & Press Brake applications. With the growth we have been experiencing, the 10kw Bystar Fiber Laser has allowed us to increase both productivity and capacity, without adding labor. Increased speed and cutting capabilities with decreased power consumption have helped our bottom line and manufacturing capabilities tremendously. The Xpert Press Brake, with its dynamic crowning and pressure reference technology allow for more accurate and consistent parts- this has been beneficial with the amount of custom parts that we manufacture and not having the initial part rework previously seen".

The ByStar Fiber 10kw Fiber Laser is capable of cutting up to 5 times faster than a CO2 Laser, and with the combined benefit from 50% less operating costs, the new Bystar Fiber 10KW represents the most significant business difference in laser cutting since fiber technology was introduced.

Loos Machine has not only cemented a significant manufacturing history. They have positioned themselves to continue to lead their respective industry and support their customers with the most advanced machine technology available today. Congratulations to all of them – the future continues to look bright for Wisconsin companies.

Arianna Stolt