The Cost of Not: Implement Lean Manufacturing Practices to Maximize Profits

Lean manufacturing is defined as removing waste without removing productivity. Toyota has led the way with the development of lean principles since the early 1980s. The company’s success is widely attributed to implementing the strategies.  

There are 8 categories of waste (from Wikipedia)

  • Transportation or Material Handling: Moving materials without adding value. 

  • Inventory: Too much raw material on hand or work in process. 

  • Motion: People or equipment moving or walking more than is required to perform the processing. 

  • Waiting: Think of bottlenecks, like waiting for the next production step or interruptions of production during shift change.  

  • Overproduction: Production ahead of demand. 

  • Over Processing: Resulting from poor tool or product design creating activity. 

  • Defects: The effort involved in inspecting for and fixing defects 

  • Skills: People in the wrong positions. 

Even after 20 plus years of servicing the manufacturing industry, I still see companies challenged with addressing these 8 areas of waste. The attempts made to correct waste have ranged from constructing new buildings, to doing nothing at all.   

Waste costs money.  

The failure to correct waste is the willing forfeiture of profits. So, what do you do about it?   

Control what you can control today. It is critical to create a foundation of success by impacting as many areas of waste as possible.   

On Point sells some of the most advanced technical products in the world. These products have true and lasting impact on our customers profitability. However, there are instances when we need to focus on the major needs for our customers, and that is addressing as many areas of waste as possible that are apparent in their plant. Our Lean Manufacturing Products Line does just that. 

How to address waste 

Organization seems to be a lost art in many plants. The demands for production and customer timelines are daunting. Organization, many times, gets sacrificed first.  

On Point Lean Manufacturing Products offers an array of products to keep manufacturers organized and address many of the 8 areas of waste.  

The Lean Manufacturing Storage Rack Systems keeps raw metal material accessible, protected and secure. The manual cartridge systems will free up floor space, increase efficiencies and assist in creating leaner plant operations - addressing key points to move you toward becoming a lean manufacturer. 

Some of the benefits of the LMS Rack Systems include: 

  • Wooden pallets are eliminated 

  • Wrong material in the wrong place is eliminated 

  • Utilizes vertical space to the utmost 

  • Greatly improves productivity while reducing risks to employees 

  • Reduces damages due to over handling of raw material 

  • Systems are customizable to any sheet sizes 

The patent-pending Lean Manufacturing Re-Rack Cartridge Systems benefits include: 

  • The same benefits of the Rack System 

  • Creates a partnership opportunity with your steel supplier to deliver on the cartridge instead of the typical wooden skids.  The steel service center picks up empty cartridges from the manufacturer.  They then would load them at their facility and then deliver them back to the manufacturer.  These systems can either be loading into the high-density storage rack or into a laser automation system.  That is the epitome of lean! 

  • This process opens up and organizes valuable floor space. 

  • This product improves plant safety. 

  • This process and product increases throughput with a simple process change and a minimal investment. 

The Lean Manufacturing Block Cartridge Systems benefits include: 

  • Many of the same benefits of the Rack and Re-Rack Systems 

  • Utilizes a hybrid option of perimeter blocks to “trap” sheets on the inside of the cartridge.  This allows partial use of the stack of material and the ability to return to inventory.  

  • Cleans up the shop floor and improves organization. 

The LMS Products also includes Work Cell Staging Racks and Rolling Pallet Carts.  Both of these products capture and advance lean principles and improves efficiencies. 

Impacting Manufacturing doesn’t need to cost a lot.  Sometimes, simple organizational initiatives create dramatic results.  On Point can help you reach your lean manufacturing goals. 

Kaylie Smith