New Product Line Introduction – Fladder Automated Deburring Equipment


"Interesting Name – Serious Performer"

When we introduce the Fladder product line we normally are asked to repeat the name. Fladder may be an unusual name but it is a serious performer in our fabrication shops.

Hansen & Hundebol was established in the early 1970's and begun to develop the Fladder technology. The purpose of this new endeavor was to engineer manufacturing solutions that improved or solved manufacturing processes that needed improvement. Thus, the Fladder automated deburring equipment evolved into a market leader for deburring of manufactured products.

While deburring of laser cut parts is not uncommon, the standard, low cost abrasive belt machines have become an area of contention and high maintenance in most plants. Fladder solutions start with machine design. Fladder uses a unique multiple head design that 'oscillates' over the parts. This unique design allows parts as small as 1"x 1" to 63" in width and any length. The flexible multiple head design also allows for parts to be deburred after forming (up to 4"). The flexible heads employs a quick change connection between the abrasive media and the spindle called Lock-It. This methods allows for extremely fast setup from a variety of abrasive grits from minimal to extremely aggressive steel heads. Fladder offers 6 different automated deburring machine models including the 300 LS that can process tube and structural material.

While all machines require good maintenance, the Fladder machine design provides for a much easier maintenance process with a much longer machine life than the competitive belt type machines. The consumable abrasive media life is also extended over belt abrasive machines due the oscillating operation.

On Point uses a simple machine justification and quoting process. Let us process product for you in our Fladder demo center in Atlanta, GA. We will send those completed parts back to you with a video and pictures of the process. A proposal for the specified machine will be provided at that time.

Fladder is truly a best in class automated deburring machine. Fladder may be an unusual name, but it is a serious machine tool that deserves your serious consideration.

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Arianna Stolt