New Product Introduction – 4020 ByTrans Extended Load/Unload System


Bystronic has over 750 fiber lasers in production worldwide with 154 of those in the United States. The BySprint Fiber lasers range in wattages from 2kw, 3kw, 4kw, 6kw & 6kw+Powercut. They are also offered in table sizes 3015 (5' x 10') and 4020 (6'x12').

So, needless to say, Bystronic has led the shaping of the global fiber laser industry. One of the true benefits of the fiber laser is cut speeds. In thin gage material this speed difference can be as much a 400% faster than its CO2 counterpart. Generally, in .250" material and below, you can plan on a fiber laser (depending on wattage and part geometry) to be twice as fast as a CO2 Laser and operating at, generally, half the operating costs.

The great benefit of speed also becomes its greatest challenge when it comes to loading and unloading the lasers. Bystronic has addressed this challenge head on with the ByTrans Extended load/unload system. The ByTrans Extended is a compact, two shelf, load/unload system that resides at the end of the standard shuttle table. The two shelves are versatile in the fact that both shelves can be used for raw material, protective sheet material for cosmetic material or cut parts. Yes, the ByTrans Extended also has the capability of removing large parts (12" x 18") from the nest and then moving the skeleton to the floor skid under the two shelf system. Not only is the ByTrans Extended versatile, it is the fastest automation system available in the industry. The 3015 model has a 60 second exchange rate and the 4020 model has a 75 second exchange rate. So, any laser nests that have a time of 60 or 75 seconds or more respectively will not be paced by the automation. The ByTrans Extended 3015 model also comes with the option of adding a storage tower at a later time.

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So, one of our industry's great questions is; why buy a fast fiber laser to only have it paced by the automation? Well, the operating costs is certainly a critical element to that decision. But, that is only one of the benefits of fiber lasers. When you can couple the operating costs with the fiber speed by loading and unloading material efficiently you have realized what the fiber laser was intended to accomplish.

The ByTrans Extended is a great value that brings efficiency, predictability and versatility to the loading of a BySprint Fiber laser.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the entire process of fiber laser production. We can also visit a number of our Wisconsin customers who already have ByTrans Extended systems installed on their fibers lasers or do a complete demo at our Elgin, IL demo center.

Bystronic continues to be the Best Choice in metal fabrication equipment. On Point continues to Impact Manufacturing by offering best of class solutions to our customers.

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Arianna Stolt