AKS Plasma Cutting System – Delivers the Results You Want


Plasma cutting has long been the gold standard method for cutting carbon steel in manufacturing. This technique may be utilized in industries such as automotive, appliances, structural, infrastructure, construction, aerospace, and oil and gas. Plasma cutting is a primary metal cutting technique, leading to the installation of thousands of automated cutting systems annually.

Although plasma cutting has been optimized for cutting carbon steel, it can also be applied to metals such as stainless steel and aluminum. AKS has developed an extensive assortment of different sizes, performances, and accuracies with regard to plasma cutting applications. These applications include straight cutting, pipe and tube cutting, and “robo-kut” 5-axis bevel cutting. All AKS plasma cutting equipment is designed and made in the USA, and it is all integrated with a Hypertherm plasma power supply unit.

In most shops, the AKS plasma cutting system typically serves as the central cutting system. It has the capacity to cut sheet metal to plate metal, and it can handle one large part or thousands of nested components.

AKS Plasma Cutting Models

The AKS plasma cutting system comprises a broad range of models to match your circumstances:

  • “accu-cut” – This production machine offers premium features and a high degree of accuracy.

  • “dura-kut” – The “dura-kut” is a heavy duty piece of equipment, and it was designed for cutting larger, thicker plates.

  • “tru-kut” – This machine has basic plasma cutting features, and it is ideal when utilized as an entry level unit of equipment.

  • “robo-kut” – The “robo-kut” offers a 5-axis bevel head, which is perfect for contour beveling and weld prep applications.

  • “tube-kut” – The “tube-kut” provides an integrated rotary axis, which can cut both pipe and square/rectangular tube.

  • Software and Controls – The AKS plasma cutting system also includes Hypertherm customized software solutions.

  • HyPerformance Plasma Supply – This system offers Hypertherm HyDefinition Plasma Power supply units, as well.

  • Air Filtration Systems – Air Filtration Systems help control air pollution with smoke collection.

  • Downdraft Air Tables – AKS also produces cutting tables, which control air pollution with downdraft air.

  • Water Tables – These cutting tables rely on water level to minimize air pollution.

A Complete Plasma Cutting System

Plasma cutting equipment is integral to metal cutting and therefore, to overall production. AKS offers a complete line of plasma cutting tools and products to streamline production and simplify the process of metal cutting.