AKS Oxy-Fuel – Delivers the Results You Want


Oxy-fuel cutting is a process that relies on oxygen to cut metal. Instead of air, pure oxygen is applied in order to increase the temperature when cutting. First, a torch is utilized to heat the metal to its appropriate kindling temperature. Then, a stream of oxygen is applied to the metal, enabling it to burn into a metal oxide.

AKS Oxy-Fuel for Cutting Metal

AKS produces a superior oxy-fuel cutting system. These are the benefits and features:

  • Quality – You can achieve quality cutting when you apply the oxy-fuel technique.

  • Lower Speed – This method does not require a high cutting speed.

  • Heat – The heat input for the AKS oxy-fuel cutting system is high.

  • Surfaces – You can expect metallurgically perfect surfaces (oxidized).

  • Contained – The carbonizing and hardening take place within the area of the zone that is affected by heat.

  • Range – Achieve an impressive range of material thickness with this equipment.

  • Desirable Texture – The oxy-fuel technique delivers smooth, vertical planes as a result of this cutting process.

  • Remote Torch Gas On/Off Control – The torch offers an individual On/Off selection for optimal control. The supply of cutting oxygen gases, heating oxygen, and fuel are controlled by distinct solenoid valves.

  • Remote Torch Ignition – A remote ignition may be initiated by the controller. The equipment electrically ignites a small gas jet which then ignites the torch. The remote ignition function makes the process easier for the operator.

Using Oxy-Fuel to Enhance Productivity

By employing an oxy-fuel cutting system, you may easily increase productivity levels. This method can be applied to steel, making it a viable strategy in a broad range of circumstances. If you seek a proven cutting technique, the AKS oxy-fuel system is worth trying. AKS has a reputation for creating quality products to meet the needs of our customers in a range of different industries and their unique application requirements.